The application process for the UPC volunteer programme is now open.
 Volunteers are required and will be selected from your district and sub counties, to assist in making sure the campaign is run smoothly

The volunteer programme is an excellent way to get involved in UPC party from Grassroots and the opportunity to participate in positive change in the only Uganda’s Political party that cares for the people.
Various volunteer roles

Volunteers would help in various ways, such as assisting the media and other language speakers, welcoming people at the election administration, accreditation, marketing, media, protocol, transport, environmental services, welcome and information services, language support, hospitality, ushering services and volunteer management, information and communication technology

Application process

Anyone who will be 18 years or older on 1 January 2010 and has a good command of English, Swahili and any Local Uganda Language can apply to be a volunteer.
No matter how old you are, it's easy to be a political volunteer. Money is a precious commodity so political parties and political campaigns always welcome political women, men and young people who want to be involved. Opportunities are available at all levels. These are just a few of the ways you can be a political volunteer.

Volunteering for the UPC, be a part of positive Change in Uganda

A political volunteer can make a difference in counties, district and national politics, by getting involved in Grassroots politics can transform your communities.
 UPC will inspire citizens to create and influence public policy through Uganda political grassroots and become political volunteers.

Register to vote
Exercise your right to vote.

Be a Uganda Citizen;
Be 18 years of age on or before the day of the election;
Be a resident of the district in which you vote; and,
Not be a convicted felon or found mentally incompetent.

Join an organization that represents your views

Volunteer to attend your county convention
Consider running for office

Qualified candidates are needed for local district offices.
What kinds of experiences are valuable in your career or your volunteer activities?

  • Have you been involved in politics or are you able to gain the support of your political party and influential people within the community?
  • Do you have a network of family and friends that will help you run a campaign?
  • Are you willing to make speeches, which will engender public support?
  • Do you have ideas for improving the quality of life in your community?

Volunteer in campaigns

Successful political campaigns run on volunteer power.
Talking with people about a candidate;

  • Scheduling the candidate's time;
  • Conducting research on important current issues;
  • Writing press releases and contacting media outlets; or,
  • Helping hold events to raise money for the campaign?

Assess your talents and offer your time for UPC candidate.

Shadow an elected official for a day

Students have unique opportunities to learn more about public service. Research your local government and find a position you would like to know about. You may have questions about:

  • Responsibilities of the position;
  • Activities of a typical day; or,

Training or experience required for the job

Pursue an internship with an elected official

By holding an internship you will gain valuable insight and experience.

Attend the meetings of local boards and commissions

The first step toward political activism is informing yourself about the current activities of your local, district, and national governments. Become familiar with the issues and concerns of the school district and the ways decisions of other governmental bodies affect schools. The interrelationships between governmental bodies may be an eye-opener. Most citizens do not take this step to understand the challenges of governing on any level.

Write elected officials

  • Be informed about the issue and the position of the official. When writing about legislation, use the correct bill numbers if possible;
  • Be specific and provide as much information as possible about the problem you need a solution for and the way the official can be of help;
  • Be to the point; officials have many demands on them and want to serve all constituents as quickly and efficiently as possible;
  • Be sure to thank the official when your request has been filled.

Attend a public forum

Many elected officials hold public meetings. These provide an opportunity to:

  • Listen to constituents' concerns;
  • Inform constituents of positions held on current issues; and,
  • Discuss laws under consideration.

Get others involved

Your interest is contagious. Get your family, friends, and neighbors involved in the political process. Invite them to join you when you:

  • Attend forums and campaign rallies;
  • Raise money for candidates or organizations that represent your views;
  • Go to vote on election day;
  • Volunteer to work in campaigns.

Please fill the form below to become a volunteer

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The contact information you have provided will not be shared with any organisation or individual outside the UPC, other than where the law requires us to do so. We will use the email address you supply to contact you.

If you have supplied your address, phone or mobile number, we may also contact you by mail, phone or SMS. You can opt out of any communication from us at any time

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