A major national asset for Uganda is a large Diaspora community, estimated to be 1.5 million. Already, the national economy and local families rely very heavily on remittances from Ugandans abroad, paying for education and healthcare for thousands and keeping small entrepreneurs in business. In 2007 these remittances amounted to US $849 million, accounting for 30% of the country’s GDP, making this the second largest foreign exchange earner for the country.

Most Diaspora Ugandans live in open, democratic, and multi-ethnic societies. This exposure has greatly broadened their horizons. They can promote in Uganda the values they have come to admire in their adopted countries. They can play an important role in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Uganda. They can help fight ethnic and religious prejudices; they can help to inculcate a culture of national integration, diversity, and tolerance here.


Collective engagement of all our citizens in the social, economic and political transformation and development of our country.

Plan and Commitment

• Immediately establish a Diaspora Affairs Department in the President’s Office, to be headed by a Minister of State.
• Develop a vigorous policy of outreach to and proactive
engagement with the Diaspora to invest in Uganda through
special incentives and investment schemes.
• Facilitate full Diaspora engagement in all sectors of Uganda’s
national life, beginning with instituting full dual citizenship, and
voting rights.
• Make Ugandans in the Diaspora fully eligible to compete for and occupy any elective positions in the country, from LC1 to the Presidency. They will also be eligible for all appointed

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